16 Extraordinary Games To Wishlist This Indie-Penance Day!


A battle scene in My Familiar, set in a diner.

Screenshot: Chintzy Ink

Astonishingly, this is the fourth year in a row Kotaku has celebrated Indie-Penance Day, since the holiday was invented to mark the liberation of gaming from the cruel rule of the British monarchy. To mark the occasion, we’ve picked a selection of some of the most interesting, enticing, unknown upcoming indie games that deserve to be on your radar.

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe the range of fantastic-looking games we’ve got here. And I feel overwhelmingly guilty over the literally hundreds of games we haven’t included, that responded to our call-out.

I implore you, please go look through the 363 (at the time of writing) replies to this tweet, to see the most astounding variety of intriguing games. I’ve picked 16 of them at random here, but I could have kept going forever.

Yes, this is a slideshow. You will cope. It means we can write about unknown games and pay the staff. If you’re reading on mobile, it scrolls anyway, and if you’re not, narrow your browser until it tricks the site into thinking it’s in portrait.

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