2021 Soybean Harvest JD 8820 Get er Done !


Grap some popcorn Boy’s it a long one ! Well its Saturday November 6th and its time to cut some beans ! Well almost, I cant do it this year because of the hernia so my cousin Darrel has the 8820 JD and the JD 8640 4 wheel drive and grain cart all ready to go and its going to be a great day to cut them. Sitting on the side line watching him cut is not what I had planed on but it is what it is and at least there getting cut ! I did get mt old Case 930 out and let her run a bit chasing the combine and I went into the back field to retrive a ladder that I found a year or so ago back in the woods, I have a gravity wagon that doesnt have one on it so it will get on now outside and inside so I can get in and out of it without going threw the discharge door. My cousin was doing a fine job cutting the beans and I did enjoy watching him cut even tho it was killing me not to cut them myself, The job still has to be done and at this time I just cant do it. He ran till they were all done and unloaded into the semi in the dark about 6 pm so it was a long day for me. These beans were late replants (June 28th) so all I could do was put them in the ground and hope they grow ok, As it turned out it was kind of a wet year and I was going to be happy if they made 30 bu an acre and they did just barely and were 12.4% moisture so I really cant complain about it too much. Well I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did that day. Bandit


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