DAD vs KiDS day 3 – Making Chocolate Candy! Mom still in Disneyland! and house Christmas Decorations


it’s beginning to feel a lot like christmas 🎄


Best Christmas Chocolate Day Ever 1237

It’s time to decorate for Christmas! While I’m at the spacestation, Adley and Niko Bear (with the help of Alli, Adley’s best friend) get out our stockings, Christmas tree, and other decorations and start putting them up around the house. Adley finds a little christmas tree that she learns makes her look like a little unicorn when she puts it up to her head. Niko Bear does a snowflake challenge, where he has to put up as many diy craft snow flakes on the wall. He is so fast!

We check in with Jenny, who is still in Disneyland. Today is her sister’s birthday (one of the main reasons they went on the trip was to have a party for her). They have the ultimate surprise for her!! When they get off of one of the rides, her sister’s husband is waiting to surprise them and hang out!! She had no idea it was coming!! The spend the rest of the day riding Star Wars: Rise of the resistance, The haunted mansion with its Nightmare before Christmas theme, and they get soaked riding Splash Mountain. Seriously, Jenny has got more wet here than in any of our summer time water battles!

Back home, I’m back and hangin with the kiddos! Adley and Niko Bear have set up a pretend play TV! So Adley is pretending to be every show while niko bear chooses what to watch. We see dinosaurs and farm animals, the news and Santa Clause! Good thing none of the kiddos got trapped in the tv this time lol (if you know, you know). Adley then decides she is going to make a chocolate santa sucker out of chocolate kisses. So while we wait for her chocolate to melt, we look around at all the decorations they put up. The house is looking sooo good. Can’t wait to surprise mom when she gets home. We then come up with a brand new game where Adley and Niko need to cover their eyes with santa hats and then listen to my voice to make it through our kitchen obi! I hope no one runs into the garbage!!

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