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Rory Feek lost the love of his life, Joey Feek, just two years after she gave birth to their little girl, Indiana. Losing Joey was one of the hardest things Rory had to go through. Not only did it mean he would be singing alone, but also raising young Indy alone (Joey and Rory Feek’s daughter).

The story of Rory and Indy started on the day of her birth. The new parents, Joey and Rory Feek were on cloud nine as they welcomed their long-awaited baby into the world. However, shortly afterward, a doctor diagnosed Indy with Down Syndrome. Although this didn’t diminish the parents’ love for their baby, Rory was saddened by some people’s responses when they learned about the diagnosis. Many people said they were sorry, and told Rory and Joey they would be burdened for a lifetime… (Rory Feek daughter, Rory Feek child with Down Syndrome)

As sad as it is in today’s day and age, Down Syndrome kids are often still seen as a burden instead of a blessing. Well, Rory Feek is telling his story and proving so many people wrong. Like many other celebs raising children with Down Syndrome, this father will tell you that Indy has never been a burden and only joy! (Rory Feek this life I live, Rory Feek Down Syndrome) The same truth applies to other kids with special needs, as many celebs raising children with special needs will also tell you. Celebs with kids with Down Syndrome have a powerful platform with which to open people’s eyes to the truth. And Rory is not wasting this opportunity.

By telling the story of Rory and Indiana Feek, we hope to change stereotypes and preconceived notions about Down Syndrome. Joey Feek would have it no other way if she was still here on Earth. And Rory Feek wants you to know that each child is a blessing, because God doesn’t make mistakes.

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