Do all Indy wholesale deals come from foreclosures? Understand Indiana real estate investing.

11 – Are all wholesale deals in Indy from foreclosures? No, and here’s why our houses usually need less work too.

How to start from zero and build a real estate business that makes you five grand a week for the rest of your life… in less than 90 days:

More youtube videos: – understanding the basics of real estate appreciation for real estate investing.

What exactly are “Opportunity Zones” and where are the in Indianapolis, Indiana? Invest in Indy.

The difference between a rehab versus a tear down and why Indiana is a good rehab state.

How long does it take to flip a house? Realistic time line of rehabs and fix-n-flips for investors.

What makes Indiana such a landlord friendly state? Three more reasons to invest in Indy.

14 ways to screen tenants and buyers and avoid tenants from hell, how I make 10k/mo doing this.

What real estate investors need to know about Indiana’s economy and our real estate market.

What is real estate investor association (REIA) and how a place like Indy Anna Reia help you?

Real estate wholesalers: why you should NEVER do the “daisy chain” wholesaler BS. (With my Dad)

Do all Indy wholesale deals come from foreclosures? Understand Indiana real estate investing.

My dad asks: Should you list your house with a big broker or small, local realtor?

How to market your REIA and spread the word to find real estate investors for The Indy Anna REIA.

Does this “real estate investing” stuff really work Azam? The LC always asks this.

Watch me analyze another real estate deal in Indiana, an Indy duplex rental.

Real estate investors: who picks the title company and who pays for title insurance? Closing basics.

Top five places in Indy to live, Marion County best places to live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What exactly is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and WHO is really covered? How to avoid paying it.

How do wholesale closings work? Real estate investor wholesaling 101.

What real estate investors need to know about closing costs and fees, breakdown of costs at closing.

Seven reasons why investors are buying in the Indiana real estate market right now.

Lesson from Buffalo Bill helps realtor (dialog) make an extra 8 grand a week from furniture.

Exactly how to read the Closing Disclosure, line by line all 16 parts explained.

Five basic questions to ask a realtor.

7 steps in the eviction process, how real estate investors can evict their tenants.

Landlords: how to set your monthly rent.

“I don’t know what a home inspection is, are they important to real estate investors?”

The top 5 red flags on an inspection report, real estate investors beware of these.

30 ways to buy real estate with NO (effing) money, NO down payment, NO loans, NO credit, NO banks.

What is an REO property and what does “real estate owned” mean for investors? Basics of bank REOs.

What’s the difference between a fixed mortgage and ARM, does it matter to a real estate investor?

What is a loan modification, the basics for real estate investors.

Real estate investors can save some money on rehab and repairs, here’s how.

“How do I file taxes for my LLC on my rental properties?” LLC for real real estate investors.

What’s the difference between an LLC and a partnership and what it means to real estate investors.

Here are nine easy tax breaks for real estate investors.


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