G+G: Did This Host Just Kill The Newly Re-Launched G4?+ More TWISTED METAL news!+ MORE!


TIMESTAMPS (courtesy of the fantastic MR.K!)
00:00 Intro Screen + Song
03:45 Show Start, Gabbin’ w/Chat
12:10 Don’t try to hustle folks in the game industry
15:32 Rediscovering VR
18:34 Rundown of topics + Chats
23:49 Stalker 2 delayed
24:32 Xbox lineup for 2022 is thin, for now
34:50 Battlefield, a reckoning for EA?
41:15 A word on depression
45:56 New Twisted Metal, thoughts/theories
58:05 Gabbin’ w/chat
1:02:06 Olivia Munn hits Jaffe up
1:04:29 Chatting
1:14:41 G4 Drama
1:47:21 Pturtle calls in
1:57:02 Gabbin’ w/chat
2:05:04 Final caller
2:09:31 Spinning the prize wheel
2:13:56 Outro


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