Real Estate Investor Live Q&A The Anti real estate crash LIVE STREAM, Actual Numbers, not charts!


Real Estate Investing, 9th grade dropout with 100 units shares all, brrr, landlord, flip.

Learn things like mortgage selection for investing, questions about property rehab and doing a successful brrr. #rei lessons from an elite investor. Understand why real estate crisis and crash channels are wrong. Why @economicninja and @reventureconsulting are talking about market conditions that may be factually correct in some cases don’t tell the whole story.

Watch elite real estate brokers like @bryancasella and getting guys like him in your network so you are positioned to grow. And how to take much of what @Dave Ramsey says about real estate with grain of salt.

Even though life is much different for @Meet Kevin and @Graham Stephan now. They got their starts in real estate. Their older videos are solid and can give you a good foundational knowledge of real estate. If you want current lessons from investors that are investing in the same assets you are, you wont fine better than @One Rental at a Time or @Dion Talk Financial Freedom . These are investors that still invest today.

People that are looking to start investing in real estate today need to find mentors that are doing what they want to do. @Ken McElroy while being very wealthy, hasn’t bought a small residential property in decades. He completely missed this years market when he called for a 40 percent correction and instead we saw over 20 percent growth. Yeah… The math says that was a 60 point swing. @Reventure Consulting has been talking crash for a year and other for years…. let me share with you the actual numbers… yes facts… not feelings, numbers, not charts…

So have your questions ready… There is no dumb question. I am here to share my story and experience that will hopefully help you in your journey and entertain you along the way.


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