What Does The Stock Market Tumble Mean For Real Estate


Does the stock market tumble have an impact on your property? Are you wondering whether to sell it or should you hold on to it? In this episode, I’ll talk about what does the stock market tumble means for real estate.

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Mike Fritz

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:42 How The Stock Market Impacts Real Estate
02:28 What Affects The Minds Of The Investor
03:32 What’s The Correlation Between Stock Market And Real Estate
05:08 How To Look At Stock Market Tumble
06:56 Why Bank Interest Rates Matter
09:10 Why Banks Change Interest Rates

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About Mike Fritz
Mike Fritz is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, best-selling author, international speaker, coach, CEO & Founding Member of Titanium Capital Investments, and founder of Power Up Real Estate, a platform that helps people start in real estate investing, create financial freedom and enjoy the life they designed for themselves.
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