In this Vlog, I am in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with my friend @CJ Faison . We are on a 10 day road trip, traveling from Delaware to PA to Ohio. We may even hit Indiana if we have the time. Along the way, we have checked out some real estate properties, residential and commercial. We used our time during the days to go look at properties and explore Gettysburg a little bit and then we went and filmed each night we were there!

Gettysburg has a ton of horrible history, which is most likely the reason that it is still haunted to this day. It is hard to tell if the spirits are good or bad, but they are definitely active, there’s no doubting that. We had a good time checking out the town, the small shops, and as many historical sites as we could while we were there! When the sun went down, the spirits came out to play.

Please let me know how you enjoyed the video in the comments below! If you heard or saw anything that I missed, please let me know also! Appreciate the continued love and support. Seriously. I cannot thank you all enough. I’m enjoying everything so much lately and I am beyond excited for what is to come in the future!

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