BREAKING POINT SENATE GOT TO GIVE Unemployment Update Daily News Stock Market | PUA EDD SSI UPDATE


BREAKING POINT SENATE GOT TO GIVE Unemployment Update Daily News Stock Market | PUA EDD SSI UPDATE

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We have Unemployment and Stimulus news as well and History being made.
People have been on the bring of homeless.
Some have become homeless and in this story we it talks about the worst. I am going to show you Emails from the Unemployment they wish you didn’t see.

Think Unemployment is coming to Critical Breakdowns.

On this channel I have covered how to apply for PUA.
Now the states are requesting documentation which I have cover so they don’t ask you to pay it back. I will continue to cover unemployment to protect you. Even when its not trending.

The current Build Back Better has left out Unemployment in the House portion of the Bill but could the senate put it in.

Kamala Harris made history yesterday as the First Woman President. First Black and Asian. That a Triple for America that Lasted 85 minutes during Biden anastichia for Colonoscopy. But Still 85 Minutes is 85 Minutes.

How Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin could put forth Stumbling blocks before the senate passes the Social Spending bill.

Biden turns 79 Years old

Hey everyone, Andrew Cartwright here, hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday

Here is your unemployment, employment, jobs and financial daily news and U.S. daily news update for Wednesday, November 17th, 2021.

My goal is to give you the best information so you can access Government & Private money, for yourself, your loved ones, and your business.

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First off
Pennsylvanians Frustrated Still Waiting for Pandemic Related Unemployment Payments

Meanwhile the Story of Colorado Email Scandal. How they mishandled the Unemployment.

Bernie Sanders Senate Chair of Senate Budget Committee. Interesting Story of CBO score to see if we can pay for a Bill on the Day the Build Back Better bill moves to the Senate. Here is what Bernie Sanders had to Say.

Kamala Harris makes history, again, as first woman with presidential power for 85 minutes.


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