22/5/22 – – Backyard Hive Security Feed & More – Central Indiana USA


Central Indiana Bee Stream /”.” /”.” 2022/5/22
The channel surpassed 1000 view hours in threshold time period.
The channel hit 8000 view hours in Mid 2021!

Indiana DNR – Apiary News & Information:

“The Official Organization for All Indiana Beekeepers”:

Suburban back yard bee hives.
I love to sit and watch the bees. Tune in. Watch some older footage. Watch for critters and nefarious folk? Maybe catch a swarm on video.

Study on EMF and Honey Bees:

There is a young red headed man named James —– Into nature he thought bees he tames —– Knowledge into the beehive —– Oh wow look at them thrive —– Central Indiana Bee Stream he claims.

*CIBS Vibe of the Hives*
Naming is a bit wonky. It’s more current location than linage tracking at this point. This is pretty much my log of activity.

5/21/22 – Looked into Corner Pocket. 6 frames of brood. Two supercedure cells left in hive. Swarm cell brood frame and a nectar frame taken to my yard. Installed into TCN2 (empty Tree City Nuc box). I didn’t see the queen after 30 minutes of hunting for her. They may have swarmed.
5/19/22 – One of the swarm cell/nectar frame splits left with the virgin queen! So far only only one queen has made it back from mating and is doing a great job. Reinforced a couple waiting mating colonies with capped brood frames. A couple are past due date so I will combine those.
5/17/22 – The Reef was in an odd state. Likely swarmed. Saw a queen briefly. Heard what sounded like another. No brood. Snagged a frame of capped brood from hive a few few away. Went ahead and put a third box on. Sorted a couple coated frames down and a couple frames getting capped up.
5/15/22 – I may have this backwards. Space Nuc Looked Queenright though I did not see queen. Gray looked queenless. Happy Feet is nectar bound nearly. Gave them another box and shuffled less full frames down. Swapped in a couple coated frames in each box. Total 5 boxes. Dunno if a queen is there or not. Many emerged cells. More than I remember leaving. Hive seems to have a lot of bees. Melting some wax to extreme coat a few frames to pop onto Woody and Stumpy.
5/13/22 – Caught a swarm out of The Mountain. +4 splits with queens/queen cells/nectar frames from The Mountain. Gave one of the emerged queens to WoodyII. Made up a split with other. The three other splits should have queens laying by the end of the month. Crazy. Space and Gray and Happy Feet should have queens laying tomorrow-next few days? Need to jet back to The Reef at the creek for inspections. Monday or Tuesday.
This naming thing may go away as it will get way more confusing lol.
5/11/22 – Hit near 90 degrees and the bees were bearding. Opened up the Nuc Box doors. The bees were happy and a bit confused. Running in circles lol.
5/10/22 – Corner Pocket – observed a few eggs in mostly nectar bound bottom deep. Then saw queen. Moved queen exluder to top of second deep. Super has a few heavy to coated foundation frames.
5/10/22 – After looking at a couple hives I decided it was too early to look for queen on the first possible day one would be back and laying. I pivoted to make sure there was room for massive nectar flow for these busy bees.
5/9/22 – Installed two Nucs at Delta site.
5/7/22 – Inspected Corner Pocket. Did not see queen. Did see eggs and swarm cells. I shook all the bees down into one box. Put queen exluder on. After bees filled the upper boxes I removed two frames with swarm cells and two frames of nectar. Made two small splits with lots of capped brood. I used one of my double mating NUCS with the divider installed. Side Pocket I&II. CP was left with many frames of brood/eggs/nectar. I will return Monday and look for eggs/queen in lower box and move exluder to under top super. I could have made three strong walk away splits but I want some honey off the big hive.
5/3/22 – Instrument Quality Fish Eye Cam arrived. Got it hooked up. HA! Now I have something to 3D print. Camera brackets. We will explore angles and locations.
5/2/22 – As I was prepping a hive for the bees from the Gamma site a small swarm showed up at the neighbors. It got away. Installed the bees in an 8 frame hive on the stump; Stumpy.
5/1/22 – Made two splits from DTNT. Left swarm cells in main hive and 3 frame split. Took queen with another three frame to Indianapolis.

Check past videos for older updates. Hint: Warmer days have more activity.

Anything can happen…


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