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Denise Richards was supposed to make a big, bold return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during the June 29 episode of the series. But that never happened, and because of that, Garcelle Beauvais said she’s “done” with the Wild Things star.

In a previous episode, Garcelle made a big deal about Denise attending her birthday party. She even warned Lisa Rinna about it since they had a falling out during Denise’s time on the show. Fortunately for Lisa, she had a prior commitment so she couldn’t even attend. But she did reveal that she recently reached out to Denise, via text, and apologized to her for her past actions. Denise denied any such text when Garcelle later asked her about it, but Lisa then took to Instagram to prove she sent one. However, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Because, to be honest, none of it even mattered — when it came time for Garcelle’s big 55th birthday party, Denise didn’t even show up. And Garcelle was pissed.

Garcelle Beauvais & Denise Richards (Bravo)

“Have you guys noticed anybody missing in this party — besides Rinna, of course?” Garcelle asked Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley. They couldn’t think of anyone, so Garcelle answered for them: “Denise!” And almost immediately, Erika said, “I told you bitch!”

In her private confessional, Garcelle said, “I stood up for Denise even when she wasn’t in this group, and that was important to me because she is a friend. But her not showing up tonight hurt my feelings.”

“I told you! I said she would never show up, and you never believed me,” Erika, who had one too many margaritas, yelled across a table towards Garcelle. “I said she would never show up. She’s not a friend to you, and this f***ing bitch f***ed you three times.”

“I’m good,” Garcelle said, and Erika replied, “You better be. If you’re not, you’re a f***ing punk.”

“I’m not a punk ass, and you’re right,” Garcelle said, to which Erika replied, “You’re not a punk ass, but if you let this f***ing broad run over you, three times…” But before she could finish, Garcelle yelled back, “I’m not! I was just telling you that she didn’t come.”

“F*** her ass,” Erika then added.

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