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Pride Month is over, but the joys over what the LGBTQIA+ community has achieved since the Stonewall Uprising (and the resiliency displayed against the continued physical and legislative attacks) remain. Throughout June, HollywoodLife ran The Sound Of Pride, a month-long feature where members of the LGBTQ+ community picked songs for a Pride 2022 playlist. Because Pride is not confined to 30 days, Shea Coulée puts a cap on this year’s series with a few selections to ensure that Pride is felt throughout the rest of 2022.

While speaking with HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, Shea revealed that she loves the art of drag because it’s “just a big middle finger to the patriarchy” and a defiant gesture to those who would want to see members of the LBGTQ+ community conform to a heteronormative ideal. “Like,” she continues after a laugh, “they’re so afraid of our art form that they’re trying to create legislation to keep us away from children and fear that we might corrupt or confuse them,” she said. “God forbid we don’t subscribe to your archaic puritanical belief systems. I love the fact that we’re disrupting the system. To me, that’s my favorite part.”

(Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Smirnoff)

The LGBTQ+ community has a long battle ahead of them. In the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argued that the court should reconsider and overturn cases guaranteeing the rights to same-sex marriage, same-sex consensual relations (i.e. sex), and contraception per The New York Times. The LGBTQ+ community, who is also fighting to restore body autonomy and a person’s right to choose, will not go gently into that good night, and Shea has picked a few songs to capture that rebellious spirit.

Beyoncé, “Break My Soul”

Shea: Right now, I have Beyoncé’s “Breaky My Soul” on repeat, and I’m sure everybody has said that.

Editor’s Note: Beyoncé’s “Breaky My Soul” was the only song requested multiple times during The Sound Of Pride feature. Nyla Rose first requested “literally anything by Beyoncé,” and it was later picked by Darren Hayes and VINCINT.

RuPaul, “Catwalk”

If I were to pick a great alternate, I would definitely have to shout out my mama Ru. Ooh, gosh, but which RuPaul song? I’m living for “Catwalk” [at the moment.] I really do love “Catwalk.” That is a great one.

Shea Coulée ft. Lila Star + The Vixen, “Cocky”

If I could list another impeccable queer artist, I would definitely have to say Shea Coulée’s song “Cocky” is just really great at getting your confidence up there. So I will definitely throw myself on the playlist.

(Birdie Thompson/Sipa/Shutterstock)

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