First Ladies of the USA 3/6: Keeping it Civil (1861–1893)


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When the United States elects a new president, they are often also voting for their spouse. But 11 first ladies were not the wives but the daughters, sisters, or other relatives of the commander in chief. The unelected, unpaid white house hostesses have the considerable duty of smoothing the way for diplomacy, preserving white house history, and influencing the nation as fashion icons, social activists and arbitrates of change. Some have had major influence on policy in a nation where women are still underrepresented in government. In this 6 part series we’ll meet the 53 fascinating women who have served as first lady of the United States of America and see how the role has evolved over the past 250 years.
First Ladies of the USA 3/6: Keeping it Civil (1861–1893)

Mary Todd Lincoln
Eliza Johnson

Julia Grant
Lucy Hayes
Lucretia Garfield
Mary McElroy

Rose Cleveland
Frances Cleveland
Caroline Harrison
Mary Harrison McKee

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