Aries Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 27 – July 3, 2022

Race to the finish line on any left-brain assignments that are still looming! In fact, try to tie up any data-driven loose ends by Tuesday, June 28, when Neptune pivots into its annual retrograde, currently in dreamy Pisces and your twelfth house of reflection and fantasy. For the next five months, this reversal will support all your creative, spiritual and meditative pursuits, but you might struggle to find solid footing with more detailed, analytical projects. But as an outgoing Aries, you won’t want to go into full-on hermit mode through early December. So find a way to bring more imagination and feeling-based responses to your work, relationships and routines and let your heart lead you to important decisions. Practice the fine (if lost) art of being an apt, active listener, being so present to what people are saying that you don’t even prepare your response before they’re done.

This contemplative cycle can spark invaluable epiphanies and artistic breakthroughs, or inspire you to deepen your spiritual practice. One of the most powerful things you can do while Neptune is retrograde is get more familiar with your own shadow; those unacknowledged beliefs or behavior patterns you tend to ignore or project onto others. When you can accept and integrate all aspects of your humanness, you become the exemplary leader you were born to be.

Reinforcing this inward-turning energy is the year’s only Cancer new moon, which lands in your fourth house later on Tuesday and dials up your nesting instincts. If “home” conjures more of a pit stop in between important activities for you, Ram, you may become suddenly fixated on turning your abode—whether a large house or an urban studio apartment—into your dream home. But do you know what that would even feel like? Over the coming two weeks, take stock. What do you love about where you live and what could stand some zhushing (or an out-and-out makeover)? And what resources will you need to accomplish that? Be realistic: Could you get by with a weeklong-long decluttering and recycling mission or do all your walls need fresh paint; is it time to buy “grownup” furniture? Or you could realize you’ll never be content in your current digs. But no need to start packing tonight! This lunation will beam its influence for six months, so tame the Aries impulsivity and start researching—and saving up—now. Relax into the process, knowing you have until the corresponding full moon in Cancer on January 6, 2023, to pull this off!

Tempted as you might be to fight fire with fire on Friday, Aries, resist! You might be righteously indignant—or pissed AF—over a (seeming) slight or injustice, but stooping to their level is not a good look for you. Your cosmic custodian, reactive Mars—in your sign, no less—forms its annual tricky square to manipulative Pluto in your career corner. This provocative connection almost guarantees some kind of power struggle with an authority figure, but knowing this can give you the perspective to keep things on a semi-even keel. Extract yourself before any damage is done and retreat to neutral corners. Take the weekend to calm down, and see if things don’t feel a lot more manageable come Monday!

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