22/6/29 – Bee Hive Security Feed & More – Central Indiana USA


Central Indiana Bee Stream /”.” /”.” 2022/6/29

Suburban back yard bee hive security feed and more.
I love to sit and watch the bees. Tune in. Watch some older footage. Watch for critters and nefarious folk? Maybe catch a swarm on video. Maybe even see the beekeeper fumbling about.

Vibe of the Hives:
Very dynamic week to week as I shuffle equipment based on needs. Some new colonies are doing well. A couple failed.
6/27/22 Corner Pocket is due for inspection after 7/5/22 to see if a Queen made it back.
6/26/22 Cut scrap wood up to finish an 8 frame base. Cut up some shelves for 8 more bottom boards. Have scrap to make bottom sides.
6/26/22 Moved the oldest split which were made with queen cells from Corner Pocket. Calling it Side Pocket in the double ceder deep next to Woody.
Moved Woody II into a double stacked 5 frame setup.
6/25/22 DTNT has new residents. I merged a daughter queen’s colony into the new hive boxes there. (Thinking of renaming? Copper?)
6/25/22 Hives at the Creek are doing well but somewhat thirsty.
6/26/22 Last of Hive Beetle Traps were switched out for Beetle Blaster design. More flexible for closer hive spacing, especially after the bees glue them in. The older reusable traps keep the frames too far apart and spring open if there is too much tension, warped, worn out. Drowning bees no, dead beetles yes.

Indiana DNR – Apiary News & Information:

“The Official Organization for All Indiana Beekeepers”:

Study on EMF and Honey Bees:
Wired Fish Eye Camera:

There is a young red headed man named James —– Into nature he thought bees he tames —– Knowledge into the beehive —– Oh wow look at them thrive —– Central Indiana Bee Stream he claims.

Check past videos for older updates. Hint: Warmer days have more activity.

Anything can happen…


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