Growing Up In The 1980s Culture Wars | Lexual Does The 80s #4


What was it like growing up in the 1980s? [The Challenger Explosion, Christa McAuliffe, Ryan White and HIV/AIDS, Cabbage Patch Kids, JEM, Satanic Panic, Dungeons and Dragons, sex education, growing up 80s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Allan Bloom and The Closing of The American Mind, Glen Ridge Rape, Tipper Gore, Filthy Fifteen, Parents Music Resource Center, Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore, parental advisory label, video games, nintendo hotline, teen party lines, A Nation At Risk, Ronald Reagan, Michael Eugene Thomas, Just Say No, Nancy Reagan, Drugs, Youth Culture, Geraldo, Heavy Metal, Pete Roland, Jim Hardy, Steve Newberry, Ricky Kasso]

0:00-3:24 The Challenger Explosion + Intro

**The Joys of Growing Up**
3:25- School Dress Codes + Personal Style
4:40-7:52 MTV + Other TV
7:53-9:58 Movies + Blockbuster
9:59- 10:48 Young Adult Lit
10:49- Toy Crazes + Youth Marketing
13:34- Video Games, Computers, + Hackers
21:50- Phone Hotlines
25:08- Dungeons and Dragons

**The Kids Are Alright?**
28:22- Welcome To High School, Loser!
29:00- Homophobia, HIV, + Ryan White
31:44- Racist Bullies + The Legion of Doom
36:57- Heathers + Teen Suicide
38:20- Teen Movies + R*pe Culture
40:00- The Glen Ridge R*pe + Charles Figueroa

**The Satanic Panic**
43:41- Michelle Remembers
45:58- McMartin PreSchool Trial
48:26- Daycare Backlash + Working Mothers
49:29- Kern County + Edward Jaagels
50:48- Jordan, Minnesota
52:47- Palo, Mark Kilroy, + Adolfo Constanzo
55:25- Ricky Kasso + Other Satanic Crimes
57:09- The Murder of Steven Newberry
59:01- The Geraldo Special
1:00:03- Heavy Metal Music Backlash + Judas Priest
1:01:47- How Real Was The Satanic Panic?
1:05:05- The Catholic Church

**Off To War**
1:06:14- Thomas Radecki + TV Violence
1:07:21- Tipper Gore + Music “Censorship”
1:12:17- Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, + Child Exploitation
1:14:25- The Meese Commission, CSA, + P*rnography
1:16:52- The Madonna Controversy
1:19:06- Piss Christ + The NEA Controversy
1:21:07- Sex Education
1:25:47- Allan Bloom, Multiculturalism, + The Curriculum Debate
1:28:39- Stanford Curriculum Changes
1:30:13- A Nation At Risk + Cultural Literacy
1:31:48- Increasing Private + Home School Enrollment

Protect The Youth
1:33:11- Just Say No, Damnit!
1:36:11- Changing Attitudes Towards Weed
1:37:42- Tobacco
1:39:56- Teen Drinking, Drunk Driving, +MADD
1:42:27 Joel Steinberg, Adoption, + Child Abuse

1:45:11- Conclusion
1:47:37- Patreon Credits

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