*:゚☆ hawkins, indiana ; subliminal


。・゚゚・ w e l c o m e ・゚゚・。

[ hawkins, indiana ]

[this is my 2nd most powerful & detailed sub yet. don’t use if you aren’t ready. this includes affs from my dangerous tk, remote viewing, starcourt mall, s3 summer, lab, elmax friendship, the party, s4, & stranger things life sub. i kid you not, this sub is SUPER powerful. so even tho you see some benefits arent here from my other subs, they are. good luck!]

・:*:・゚★, benefits;

-move to hawkins
-your city/town transforms into hawkins now; embody hawkins, indiana
-literally live in hawkins
-live any st season or all of them
-your hawkins is just like in st
-life & stores are 80s themed/trending
-have all of hawkins places; the community pool, palace arcade, hawkins high/middle, etc. [really detailed]
-have all of hawkins residents; all the families, neighbors, workers, friends, etc. [really detailed]
-have starcourt mall; embody the one in st, look exactly like in st, have all the 80s shops, scoops ahoy
-have scoops ahoy in the mall
-have hawkins national lab; looks exactly like in st
-the gate & upside down exists; the monsters can travel to the real world
-have all the roads; mirkwood, cornwallis, kerley, elm, cherry, etc
-have friends like the party; go to the same school, play D & D, fun adventures, etc
-have good grades; amazing school life, straight a’s
-st season 3 summers every year
-strong telekinesis [very detailed]
-precise remote viewing [very detailed]

-fast, quick, permanent results


.you get what you truly desire
.stay hydrated!
.don’t give up. practice, practice, practice!
.stay positive
.stay consistent and have fun

[ this is becca logging off, over and out! 📻 ]


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