American English Listening Practice ★ Advanced Daily English Conversation ★ English TV ✔


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American English Listening Practice ★ Advanced English Conversation ★ English TV ✔
This video will be listening to you a set of advanced English conversation skills that you can use in your everyday conversation. These are called “American English Listening Practice” and they can be used to communicate more effectively with native English speakers.
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0:00 Intro
0:07 Tell me about your day
3:08 When do you eat dinner?
5:57 Do you cook much?
7:20 Do you eat takeaway?
8:45 Tell me about your Town!
11:21 What about your town?
14:29 His Weekend
17:01 The Family
19:38 Family Appearance
23:17 Where is everyone?
25:15 Out of Reach
25:55 Doing Chores
26:26 Wedding Plans
28:02 Big Favor
29:24 Fit Girlfriend
31:06 Off to Osaka
33:33 Guess the City
36:41 Guess the Movie
40:18 Talking Language
44:54 Computer Geek
50:25 Brothers Fight
52:32 Amazing Mom
54:58 Winter Vacation


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