Dan Dakich Show – Fourth of July recap, Dan Plesac on the state of the MLB, and Mike Chappell joins!


(0:00-22:36) – The Dan Dakich Show opens up after the fourth of July with Dan recapping what he did over the three day weekend, weighs in on Bennedict Mathurin explaining his quote about LeBron James, and where he stands right now on the Pacers trading Myles Turner.

(26:29-42:09) – Dan returns from break with more of his thoughts on Turner, discusses Pro Football Focus’ ranking the Colts roster as the fifteenth best, and notes some of the other teams that are ahead of them that Dan has a problem with.

(47:20-55:36) – Dan closes out the first hour of today’s show by detailing what he thinks is going to happen in college basketball with teams moving to different conferences along with what he thinks Notre Dame will end up doing.

(1:00:20-1:16:00) – The Dean Mike Chappell of CBS4/FOX59 makes his weekly appearance on the Dan Dakich Show to break down where Michael Strachan fits within the wide receiver room, how he still thinks they are going to pound the ball on the ground, and if they will finally maximize Nyheim Hines.

(1:20:34-1:44:34) – As we approach the halfway point of the Dan Dakich Show, we play Bigguns!

(1:49:00-1:57:01) – Dan closes out the second hour of today’s show by discussing Joey Chestnut winning the hot dog eating content again while choking out a protestor who interrupted Joey’s hot dog consumption.

(2:00:12-2:25:04) – The final hour of the Dan Dakich Show opens up with the former MLB pitcher and current MLB Network Analyst Dan Plesac joins the program and states who his MVP frontrunner is right now, which hitter he hated to face the most because of how hard he would hit line drives, and breaks down the way starting pitching is trending along with why the Yankees and Dodgers are consistently good.

(2:29:24-2:41:18) – Following his conversation with Dan Plesac, Dan shifts the conversation back what he can see happening in college athletics with teams in the ACC and the PAC-10.

(2:45:31-2:56:45) – The final segment of the Dan Dakich Show with producer Eddie Garrison giving out a play that he likes today and Dan sharing his thoughts on what Rutgers, Maryland, and Penn State bring to the Big Ten. Plus Dan identifies a school or two that the Big Ten could add.

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