Traveling the National Road: IL & IN; Highlights and history


The National Road, also known as the Cumberland Road, is one of the country’s first major highway projects and connected the east coast to the land of the Louisiana Purchase. Stretching 600+ miles from Cumberland, MD to Vandalia, IL the road cost more than $6 million. Over the last 200 years, the road has been witness to much of the country’s history. Join me in this video of some of the highlights and history of the road.

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00:00 Introduction
00:18 Brief History of the National Road
01:59 Vandalia State Capital Building
02:36 Looking for Lincoln
03:05 Madonna of the Trail
03:25 Interpretive Center
04:00 Albert Gallatin
05:13 The Road: Not perfect
05:41 Greenup Covered Bridge
06:38 Casey, IL
07:27 Oldest Structure on the Cumberland Road
09:08 Marshall, IL
09:23 Archer Inn
10:02 Indiana
10:43 Stone Cottage Filling Station
11:14 Van Buren Elm
14:04 Richmond Rose Garden

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Explore Vandalia (for info on the State House Building, National Road Interpretive Center, and Madonna of the Trail)
Casey IL
Covered Bridge (Greenup, IL)
Archer Inn (Marshall, IL)

Richmon Rose Garden

Dedicated sites for the Stone Filling station and the Van Buren elm were not located.


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