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Take a young woman with a passion for horses looking for a grand adventure, add American Mustangs and a host of guest riders and you have the ingredients for the “Mustang Discovery Ride.” This documentary project will tell the story of a journey across the United States on the American Discovery Trail (ADT) featuring Mustang TIP trainer, Lisanne Fear, along with her Mustangs, dogs and support team. The team is covering 12 states, coast to coast from Delaware to California, riding previously wild Mustangs while packing, camping and speaking about the power of these amazing animals. Lisanne rode out from Delaware’s historic Cape Henlopen State Park on September 28, 2021 with members of the team and is continuing her adventures through Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. The documentary will detail the struggles and triumphs that she encounters, most attributed to the kindness of strangers met along the journey. We will also feature aspects of the ADT in each state, Mustang adoptions inspired by the project, college and university equine programs utilizing Mustangs, Veterans Programs in existence and other Mustang-related stories. The goal of the ride is to cover 5,000 miles across the country while inspiring the adoption of 5,000 Mustangs into appropriate homes. Through the documentary film, related podcast/vodcast and documentary-series, we are trying to reach as many people as possible to make it happen!

There are currently 53,000+ wild horses in holding pens across America. Each and every one deserves a loving home. The purpose of this documentary/docuseries is to bring attention to the horses already gathered and living in holding and to show their unique qualities, all of which can lead to future careers in any discipline. The Mustangs participating in this ride are prime examples of horses born in the wild who are now able to handle city traffic, cross-country trails, bridges, tunnels, packing and more! If we can show how these horses are able to cross the country and handle the obstacles along the way, we hope that more people will make the decision to adopt the appropriate horses and discover remarkable partners in the process.


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