The Corruption Of Bankers and Politician's Paid to Oversee Them On Full Display


The corruption is truly on full display. Indiana congressman Trey Hollingsworth is on the committee that oversees the banking industry. Yet when the heads of the major banks came to testify before him he decided he’d take that time to point out how one of his staffers is about to go work for Bank of America.

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Do you know what’s super awkward? when you are in charge of oversight over an industry let’s say. and let’s say you’re also a congressperson. Oh bye, Bradley. Let’s say you’re also a congressperson from Indiana. and you want to hold people to account for some of these Bankers. You’ll recall that back in 2008 these Bankers were responsible for throwing the world into a financial crisis. one which cost them almost well let’s just say several million Americans their homes and jobs. and took really almost a decade until the jobs bounced back. and there was a tremendous amount of fraud associated with this. and you’re performing oversight and your name is representative Trey Hollingsworth Republican from Indiana. and you’re trying to make it clear that you are really holding these people to account and then this happens. from Indiana. Mr. Hollingsworth is now recognized for five minutes. Well, good afternoon. I’m excited to be here with each of you. Before I get started on my questions Mr. Moynihan I wanted to let you know so Ruthie raised your hands to Ruthie. She has been my team member for a couple of years now but on Monday she became a Bank of America team member. about which she is very very excited so I hope you’ll take good care of her and know and recognize the talent that she has shown already in our office. I’m sure she’ll do the same at Bank of America. we will do that and her father already works for us. so he’ll take care of it. you should have called us. well good well, I appreciate the opportunity to chat about some of these issues today.


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