The Married At First Sight Season 18 Cast Have This Advantage Over Previous Seasons (How It Will Help The Show)



  • Season 18 of Married at First Sight aims for more successful couples and longevity.
  • The experts’ jobs are on the line, and they need to improve their matching and guidance skills.
  • A successful season 18 could re-engage fans and attract a wider audience.

The cast of Married at First Sight season 18 went into their journeys with an advantage over other seasons that will inevitably help the show perform as a whole. Married at First Sight season 17 premiered in mid-October 2023 and ended in late April 2024. The season was largely considered a failure, as none of the couples remained together. Season 17 also had the show’s first-ever runaway bride situation, which resulted in the groom, Michael Shiakallis being matched with a second bride. The cast members also had the most animosity towards each other the Lifetime series has ever seen.

Season 17’s terrible success rate came on the heels of several seasons’ worth of bad matching and breakups. Only Married at First Sight season 14’s Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson and season 16’s Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk are still together from the last four seasons. Viewers have noted in their online discussion that they are tired of seeing poorly matched people and unnecessary drama with little help from the experts to make the relationships work. But viewer perception could change in Married at First Sight season 18, thanks to an advantage the cast has.


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The MAFS Franchise Is Desperate For Season 18 To Be Successful

So More Will Be Done To Ensure Couples Have Longevity

The Married at First Sight network has put itself in a position where the season 18 couples have to not only provide entertainment value but also show relationships with the potential for longevity. The MAFS producers have likely strategized a lot more with the season 18 casting, participant background checks, and cast clout-chasing avoidance in order to make season 18 more successful. Having a more thoughtful cast will not only benefit the participants in their marriages but also the show as a whole because it needs to produce more successful couples.

The MAFS Experts Will Be Better At Their Jobs In Season 18

Their Jobs Are On The Line

The Married at First Sight experts are also largely to blame for the failure of so many couples since they are responsible for matching the pairs and helping them overcome any obstacles so the marriages don’t end in divorce. Dr. Pepper Schwartz has been with the show since season 1 in 2014, while Pastor Cal Roberson joined in season 4. Dr. Pia Holec is the newest expert, after having joined in season 15.

With so many breakups to their credit, all three of the experts’ jobs are on the line.

If season 18 sees little success, there is no valid reason to keep the same experts if they keep dropping the ball.

With a lot at stake for the experts, it is imperative that they get it right more often than not in this upcoming season.

MAFS Will Benefit From Season 18’s Couples

If There Is Enough Guidance & Ultimate Success

Married At First Sight Season 18 cast member with experts in the background
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Should Married at First Sight season 18 produce charismatic and relatable couples while providing fans with some drama and the entertainment value associated with that, the show will be in a much better place. Viewers want to love the show that has been on for a decade, but it’s been made tough with all the mismatched couples, aloof experts, and weak drama. Married at First Sight could keep its loyal fanbase from finding other shows and engage an even wider audience if season 18 can get it right.

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